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      Credit & Return Policy

      Reporting Procedures:

      • ✓ Please report any order discrepancies to the Office within 2 business days of receiving your order, claims after this time frame may not be honored.
      • ✓ Any damages found on shipping and delivery orders must be noted on the waybill and signed by the truck driver.
      • ✓ Please fax or email a copy of the waybill the Office at 604-636-7091, toll free at 1-888-926-4738 or email within 2 business days.

      To receive a full credit the following requirements must be met:

      • ✓ test
      • Credit claims must be made within 60 days of purchase date.
      • ✓ All returns including damages must be approved by your sales rep or the vendor rep.
      • ✓ Any damaged food bags must be returned to receive your credit in full.
      • ✓ Anipet is not able to accept products for credits that were not purchased through us.
      • ✓ Discontinued and expired products cannot be accepted for a credit, please see damage allowance below for more information
      • ✓ Special order and seasonal items are final sale and will not be accepted for credit.
      • ✓ If you receive product with less than 3 months dating, please notify your Anipet representative ASAP.
      • ✓ All products returned for credits must be in the original, undamaged packaging with all price tags removed.
      • ✓ Any product returned with price tags will result in a 20% restocking fee if in sell able condition.
      • ✓ A 10% re-stocking fee will be applied, to any product in which the store ordered in error.
      • ✓ Product that does not qualify for a credit will not be returned to the store, Anipet will dispose of product accordingly.
      • ✓ Credits must be processed in full before any deductions are made to an account.

      The following vendor’s products must be returned to Anipet before any credit is issued:

      • • Conair
      • • Oster
      • • Aron Beef Chews
      • • Pacific 21 - Packaging only
      • • Rollover - Date Codes for all products
      • • Missing Link & Tri-Natural - UPC Codes
      • • HomeoPet - Need lot numbers
      • • Motorola

      Damage Allowance Vendors:

      What is a damage allowance? A damage allowance is included in your vendor discount to cover any damages or expired product in store.

      • • Darford - No damaged or expired product
      • • Horizon - No expired product
      • • Merrick - No damaged product
      • • Mountain Dog
      • • Nutro and Greenies - No damaged or expired product
      • • Stella and Chewy’s
      • • WellPet, Eagle, Holistic Select & Wellness - No damaged product

      If you have not received your credit within 2 weeks please contact us...

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