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We are experiencing shipping delays out of our BC Warehouse. Thank you for your patience. 

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      • Will my order be shipped in full? What will happen if we are not able to fill the order in full?

        We endeavour to ship all orders complete. In situations where a product is unavailable, we will contact you to advise you of the reason and from there determine the best plan to either get you the product (i.e. backorder) or suggest a suitable replacement.

      • What is my minimum order?

        You will be advised of our freight guidelines once your account has been set-up. This is based on your location and the type of products you are ordering.

      • What are the return Policies?

        Click here for more information about Credits and Returns.

      • I placed an order. When will my order ship?

        Orders leave our facility on regularly scheduled ship days, or within 48 hours. This will be part of the account set up process.

      • Which methods of payment do you accept?

        We accept Visa, MasterCard & direct deposit.  All new accounts are set up with pre-authorized credit card payment, after a year, our Accounts Receivable Team will work with you to determine which payment methods works best with you.

      • What should I do if an item is missing from my order?

        Please contact the office immediately noting your invoice number and the missing item.

      • Can I pick up my order if needed?

        Yes, please contact customer service to arrange. We require 48 hours notice for pick up orders.

      • What do the various codes mean that are in front of your item descriptions? eg. MTO, COMING, etc.

        Please see below for a helpful legend of codes used in some of our item descriptions. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your Anipet representative, or our customer care team.

        • COMING: These are brand new items, coming to you soon! We will place a hold for stock order for you and

          contact you when the item arrives.

        • PREBOOK: These are items that are not regularly stocked and will be special ordered just for you! We will place a hold for stock order and contact you when the item arrives.
        • MONTH: (Example June) We have sold out of the items, but have more on order for you! The month indicates when we expect stock to arrive.
        • MTO: These are items that are Manufacture Temporarily out of stock. ETA is the next PO but not confirmed by vendor.
        • SOLD OUT: Sorry, we have sold out of the Seasonal Item you are looking for, please review our site for additional items, this item may be back next year!
        • VSD: There are currently Vendor Shipping Delays
        • N/A: Not Available due to vendor issues, similar to MTO, however with N/A the vendor has no ETA for when this item will be back in stock.
        • PRESALE: We are placing a PO, get your order in to secure stock on the next PO arriving.
      • How do I find out about current promotions?

        All promotions are available for you to order here Promotions

      • How do I fill out and send in the bulletins located in the promotions section?

        After you fill in the bulletin on the last page there is a box that says SUBMIT – click this it will take the forms directly to your email

        For this to work you will need:

        1) You need adobe – it is a free download
        2) You need email
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      • On the item page, after the UPC, is says Surrey, Calgary or ALL, what does this mean?

        This tells you which warehouse this item is stocked in:

        Calgary means the item is only stocked in the Calgary warehouse,
        Surrey means the item is only stocked in the surrey warehouse,
        All means the item is stocked in both warehouses.

        This doesn’t necessarily mean we have stock – this is just to inform you which warehouse it will be shipped from.

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